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GM continues To Lie Regarding Cause Of 2015 & 2016 Corvette C7 Z06 LT4 Engine Failures

Another bullshit LT4 failure story

Long time ago, when the LT1 engines started dying prematurely on the base Chevrolete Corvette C7 Stingray used by the press, Tadge Juechter came up with a great fairy tale to cover up problems dto causing these failures.   What good ole Tadge stated at that time was the DEFECT IN OIL FILTERS caused debris to contaminate oil and subsequently obliterate the brand new engine.  As it is with General Motors , the store continued to morph, blaming compounds in the sealants used in the assembly of engines to cause engine oil to foam and as everyone would guess, cause engine failure once again, due to foaming related loss of pressure.

Apparently, there is a new iteration of the great engine failure fable now, in response to another total engine failure that took place when Fox News decided to test the latest and greatest Corvette flagship.

This time, the story goes as follows: metal shavings generated during oil filter mount thread machining contaminate the engine oil and move through the oiling system only to jam themselves in the engine main rod bearings and cause the catastrophic engine failure once again.

Here is the photo of C7 Z06 oil filter location, right next to the idiotic engine oil cooler.Is it possible for this to be the case?  To put it simply: NO FUCKING WAY!!!  Not only is the thread not machined AFTER engine is assembled but it would be humanly impossible for machining to take place.  Since the thread is machined before the engine is assembled, the part is rinsed and cleaned before having it installed on the engine.  The other part that is pure bullshit is the debris traveling from the oil filter into the bearings.  This part was already discussed when the bullshit defective oil filter surfaced.Both LT1 and LT4 engines have design flaws that make catastrophic failure likely but gheez, Tadge, could you come up with a more compelling story while trying to cover it up?

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