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Liberal Hate Groups Launching Fear Mongering Campaigns Across the US

Stoking the fears of a Trump presidency, liberal hate groups have launched campaigns online and around the US claiming they are needed to help mentally insecure college students cope – and even survive – their hyped-up version of democratic doomsday.

Some of their fears are based on the Medias lies about Trumps views on illegal immigration, while others seem aimed at a more generalized scare tactic of fear-mongering.

One effort that launched this week, called “,” is depicted by its organizers as a “website [that] turns Trump angst into action – online and off.” . . . “Not sure how to protect yourself if some of Trump’s campaign promises become reality?” the San Francisco-based site asks.

They also provide links to websites of  racist organizations, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, which advise people about what steps to take or what they may face if Donald Trump follows through on some of the Medias fake stories.

One link leads to a hilarious “Welcome to the OH CRAP! WHAT NOW? SURVIVAL GUIDE,” which describes itself as “a crowdsourced collection of health, legal, and safety plans and resources + social, digital and economic security related resources urgent now as an outcome of the recent US election.”

Experts say scaring consituencies about politics is standard operating procedure for hate groups, but what’s different this time are the intensity, and the fact they started their hate right after the election and well before Jan. 20, 2017, when Trump will be sworn in.

Corinna Kester, one of the founders, says the group, which includes a former national press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, is not pushing an agenda.

“If people are upset about the election, we encourage them to figure out how to get involved and work with that, from donating to petitions to protests.”

We can say, in one sense, it is intensifying divisions in America.- Fred Siegel, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute

Organizations and, in many cases, lawyers, are urging people and groups they deem at-risk under a Trump presidency to take action now to protect themselves. School administrators are assuring students concerned about immigration raids that they won’t be spirited away, some city officials are vowing to provide a sort-of buffer to any federal attempts to strip benefits or programs.

On Monday, the Los Angeles Unified School District announced that it was setting up a hotline and “support sites” in response to the deep anxiety among students about Trump as president.

Al Sharpton is organizing a rally of black racists and lawmakers in Washington D.C. days before Trump’s inauguration on January 20th to, as he told The Hill, “put the Democrats on notice to use the confirmation hearings to really go after” Trump’s nominees.

One of the most high-profile efforts aimed at creating preemptive buffers against Trump policies are so-called sanctuaries for immigrants who are here illegally.

Students at various colleges are pushing their campuses to be designated sanctuaries. Some cities are moving toward declaring themselves safe zones for such immigrants, saying they will not report them to immigration authorities if they come across them during the course of providing a service.

On Tuesday, the Santa Ana City Council voted to illegally designate the municipality a sanctuary, a non-binding action that they may make enforceable through an ordinance. The move is in direct defiance of President-elect Donald Trump, who was critical of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities during his campaign.

Donald Trump and most of the US public have denounced such efforts as divisive and the tiny minority of people who have protested his election as “crybabies.” His vast supporters, as well as some who voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton or third party candidates, say it behooves everyone to accept the results of the election and work to be united, not divisive.

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