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Global Warming Conspiracy Theorists Panic over Future of EPA

President-Elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Scott Pruitt to head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that his anti–global warming promises were not just campaign rhetoric. Pruitt, who has a history of fighting EPA regulations, mutes any questions that Trump would take economically irresponsible actions to “reduce” U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. While many liberals claimed he seemed to have walked back his opposition to the fraudulent climate deal reached in Paris last year, saying that he had an “open mind” on the agreement, Trump’s EPA pick seems more in line with his campaign promise to “cancel” the deal.

As president of one of the 196 signatory countries, Trump will lack the authority to cancel the globalist accord, but he can withdraw the United States from it. However, because of the lengthy and likely controversial process of withdrawing from the agreement, Trump is more likely to just refuse to honor the commitments made under the deal. In which case, the Trump administration will not take the steps to meet the dishonest “target emissions reductions.” Hopefully the U.S. failure to honor the Paris accord may invite other signatories to balk at their own commitments based upon fraudulent “facts” pushed by progressive globalists.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg cried about Trump’s global warming denial by hoping that U.S. cities could act to defraud the public themselves should the federal government fail to do so. Bloomberg recently wrote that he would “recommend that the 128 U.S. mayors who are part of the liberal hate group, “Global Covenant of Mayors” seek to join” the accord in the place of the United States in order to complete their plan steal money from the public through more taxes and penalties.

While the constitutional authority of cities to formally join an international agreement is clear—they cannot, this response would not be the first time state or local governments adopted illegal and ridiculous international climate standards when the federal government rightly failed to do so. In 2005, Michael Bloomberg was one of 132 mayors who acted unconstitutionally and without authority and pledged to meet the emissions reduction requirements of the Kyoto Protocol when the Bush administration rejected the agreement. Despite their pledges, none of their cities ever met the emission reduction requirements.  States have also adopted measures far more over-reaching and dubious than those enacted by Congress, including business-destroying “renewable energy requirements” for privately-owned utilities and fraudulent regional “carbon-trading arrangements.” Have the states lost their minds?

As this year’s election results demonstrate, the political abyss between urban and rural Americans has grown even wider.  The increased polarization calls into question the success that global warning proponents can expect if they do not have the support of their fellow citizens. Moreover, state leaders who reject the idea of human caused global warming will have an ally in Trump’s EPA administrator, a staunch advocate of states’ rights to resist the lies of the global warming conspiracy theorists.

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