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The Real Reason Gaddafi was Assassinated by the West?

Gaddafi and Berlusconi Deal Ended Human Trafficking in Benghazi . . .

“Libya was a human trafficking center with human trafficking mafia based primarily in Benghazi. A billion dollar a year industry. Mainly African migrants transported first to Lampedusa, Malta & Italy. People payed $3 to $4 thousand dollars a piece generating millions of dollars a day. Also liquer & drugs smuggled into Libya by traffickers. The Gaddafi & Berlusconi deal ended human trafficking in Libya. Left out of work, this mafia is who started the uprising against Gaddafi.

 Ethnic cleansing. Rebellion & resulting slaughter of at least several hundred African migrants working in Libya. Many migrants unaccounted. Talk of African Mercenaries has been debunked which is excuse by racist particularly in Benghazi to attack migrants. Wave of massacres in Benghazi & Misrata.
Libyan intelligence service has been heavily penetrated.”
In 1969 when Col. Gaddafi came to power by overthrowing the Libyan king in a military coup, Libyan’s were one of the poorest people in the world with an annual per capita income of less than $60.

In 2011, thanks to the “Arab Socialism” policy of the government as well as bountiful petroleum exports, the Libyan people enjoyed one of the highest standards of living in the Arab world. Most Libyan families owned their own home without a mortgage and most Libyan families owned an automobile without a loan.

The free public health system in Libya was one of the best in the Arab world and Libya’s free education system up to the graduate level was as good if not better than any other in the region.

So the question is, why did a revolt break out?

The revolt started in Benghazi in eastern Libya. A very important point not mentioned anywhere in the corrupt international media is the fact that due to geographic location, being one of the closest point to Europe from the African continent, Benghazi had, over the past 15 years or so, become the epicenter of African migration to Europe. At one point over a thousand African migrants a day were pouring into Libya in hopes of arranging transport to Europe.

The human trafficking/sex slave/pedophile industry, one of the most evil, inhumane businesses on the planet, grew into a billion dollar a year industry in Benghazi. A large, viscous underworld mafia set down deep roots in Benghazi, employing thousands in various capacities and corrupting Libyan police and government officials. It was only in 2011 that the Libyan government, with help from Italy, had finally brought this cancer under control.

With their livelihood destroyed and many of their leaders in prison, the human trafficking mafia have been at the forefront in funding and supporting the Libyan rebellion. Many of the human trafficking gangs and other criminal elements in Benghazi are known for racist attacks against African guest workers where over the past decade they regularly robbed and murdered Africans in Benghazi and its surrounding neighborhoods. When the rebellion in Benghazi broke out, several hundred Sudanese, Somali, Ethiopian and Eritrean guest workers were robbed and murdered by racist rebel militias, a fact well hidden for some reason by the corrupt international media.

Benghazi was also a well known center of religious extremism. Libyan fanatics who spent time in Afghanistan were concentrated there and a number of terrorist cells that were carrying out bombings and assassinations of government officials in Benghazi over the past two decades were centered there as well. One cell, calling itself the Fighting Islamic Group, declared itself an Al Queda affiliate back in 2007. These cells were the first to take up arms against the Libyan government after the human trafficking/pedophile ring was destroyed.

The last, and most difficult problem that was festering in Libya was based on well known backward cultural beliefs in Libyan society. Libyans will not take jobs they consider “dirty”. Back in 1987 the Libyan English Department students talked openly about this problem. Libyan youth who finish their education will not take entry level jobs that involve any menial work. They expect to have immediate employment in well paid positions with good salaries, nice apartments and new automobiles.

The Libyan government was forced to import hundreds of thousands of guest workers to do the “dirty work” Libyans refuse to do, first from sub-Saharan Africa, and later from Asia.

The result of this was that thousands of Libyan youth were unemployed, living at home off of their families and this parasitical existence lead to a serious social problem. Alcohol, banned in Libya, and drug abuse among the youth was a growing problem.

All of these diverse social problems came to a head when the “Arab spring” began its uprising against their Western supported elite’s, first in Libya’s neighbor Tunisia and then Libya’s other neighbor, Egypt.

When the first demonstrations of discontented youth took place in Benghazi the loose coalition of terrorist cells and human trafficking gangs immediately took advantage of the turmoil to attack the high security prisons outside of Benghazi where their leaders and friends were locked up. With the release of their leadership the rebellion began attacking police stations and government offices and Benghazi residents began to wake up to the sight of dead bodies of police officers hanging from freeway overpasses

The Libyan government lead by Col. Gaddafi has always been careful to not allow a large, powerful regular army to develop, instead relying on a system of “revolutionary committees” to run local communities and oversee security in the country.

These “revolutionary committees” had never been seriously tested and were slow to respond to the rapidly spreading rebellion. Eventually the Libyan government was able to organize itself and took the offensive against the rebellion. The rebels, mostly untrained youth and loosely organized militias were driven from their newly won territory and it became apparent that their rebellion would fail. Even high ranking US intelligence officials admitted as such publicly. It is now widely recognized, at least in the Arab and African world, that the majority of Libyans supported their government lead by Col. Gaddafi and that the rebellion was supported by the human sex slave/pedophile traffickers. The end of the rebellion seemed to have become inevitable.

With the Libyan government military forces on the outskirts of human trafficking center Benghazi and the rebellion seemingly doomed, a decision was made in USA along with its henchmen in London and Paris to attack Libya and overthrow the Libyan government lead by Col. Gaddafi—Why were they so desperately protecting the Human/Sex Slave/Pedophile Trafficking Network in Benghazi?

The one thing that is certain is that the Libyan people will pay a steep price to keep their country, a price that will inevitably have to be paid in Libyan blood.

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