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Globalists Hijack US Presidency

Obama Birth Certificate is Fake. US Government & TV Media Lose Any Remaining Credibility

After 5 years of detailed investigation, impartial world famous private investigators have proven without a doubt just how corrupted the United States government has become. The obvious forgery has been covered up, down played and even the term “birther” was created and used against United States citizens simply asking for proof that the fake Birth Certificate they provided was real. Of course the globalists couldn’t provide a real Birth Certificate so they called the citizens names instead and screamed “catch me if you can” like the immature criminals they are.

24 hours after the PDF file was proven fake and Obama is guilty of committing fraud upon the United States, the “tell-lie-vision” media remains silent. For some strange reason none of them want to talk about it. Why is the US Government and their propaganda media so deceitful to it’s own citizens? Why are they such blatant in-your-face liars? This is just more proof that the Media that uses television to get their message out—all of them (including Fox News) are liars, corrupt, frauds, non-journalists who constantly spout fake news, promote fake news, share fake news and all of them are involved in this conspiracy to commit fraud upon the United States.

Given all the blatant in-your-face cover up and constant lying the globalists are doing it would not surprise me to see an assassination attempt on Donald Trumps life because ALL of these people will hang if Trump gets into office.

All Obama had to do was produce a real copy of his Birth Certificate. Instead we got a forged PDF file and constant name calling like the immature little brats that they are. Here is the proof. Watch and decide for yourself wether ALL US Government employees and Hawaii Government employees should be charged with conspiracy to commit fraud upon the United States.

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