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Scientists Pinpoint Location Of Radio Signals, 3 Billion Light Years Away

Over the past several months, it has been reported that scientists have detected mysterious radio signals from a location deep in the universe, which lead to many theories, including that it was coming from intelligent life trying to contact us.

Scientists have finally been able to pinpoint exactly where they are coming from, and it doesn’t look like intelligent life is actually calling to us.

The radio signals, which have been dubbed FRB 121102, are actually coming from a part of the Milky Way scientists never expected to see such activity.

In order to detect the radio signals’ location, astronomers from Cornell University teamed up with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, using some of their most heavy duty equipment.

To carry out their work, they pointed a Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in Socorro, New Mexico, toward the area where the radio signals had previously been detected.

After waiting for 50 hours, they finally saw it again.

They have concluded that these radio signals come from a dwarf galaxy three billion light years away that is situated within the Milky Way.

Astounded by the power of the radio waves, astronomers have stated that the radio signals must have an unbelievable amount of energy in order to be seen from Earth.

According to scientists, the radio signals emitted from the dwarf galaxy are so bright that it gives off more energy than the sun would be able to in over 10,000 years.

Currently, however, there are no telescopes that work to help scientists find angles and locations to give to other telescopes to help attempt to locate the sources of emission.

And while scientists now know where the radio signals are coming from, they still don’t know exactly what they are.

Although some still hold fast to the theory of intelligent life, scientists believe that this is a very unlikely culprit.

Scientists theorize it is either a newly born neutron star in the wake of a supernova or the nucleus of the dwarf galaxy.

But several theories remain strong as scientists attempt to discover and debate what exactly is the cause of such a rare and interesting phenomenon.

But because of the distance from Earth, it could be many, many years before we find out exactly what it is.

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