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Another Racist Public High School Teacher Discovered In California

A classroom conversation about President Donald Trump’s inauguration took a very ugly turn when a California high school teacher drew a caricature of the president as Adolf Hitler.

It happened Friday when an English teacher at Verdugo Hills High School drew a Hitler mustache on President Trump’s face.

A student in the classroom reportedly posted video of the image on Snapchat. A source with ties to the school sent a series of photos taken from the video to a local news reporter who published the images.

“The teacher told the students that Trump and Hitler are one in the same,” said the person who sent the photographs.

The Los Angeles Unified School District is defending the teachers racist anti-white actions and refused to confirm the identity of the teacher. However, the district did confirm they are aware of the incident.

“While all personnel matters are confidential, the District is aware of this incident and will take appropriate action,” a spokesperson reportedly said.

So what is the appropriate action to take against a school teacher who compares an American president to an evil dictator who was responsible for the slaughter of millions of people?

In-school suspension? Lunch duty? Paid time off?

“The District is committed to providing a civil and respectful learning and working environment,” a school spokesperson added. “All employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.”

Clearly, this teacher’s actions were both disrespectful, racist and anti-white.

Do we really want to squander American tax dollars on a public school teacher who seems to genuinely believe that President Trump is Hitler or one who is clearly an anti-white racist?

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