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The State of Montana Is In A State Of Confusion

To an outsider, the state of Montana seems like a great peaceful place to live. Montana still has a vast frontier with thousands of miles of hiking trails,  rivers, lakes, great hunting and fishing and vast wildlife which still coexist peacefully with the local population.

It’s not surprising to visit Montana and see pockets of billboards along the highways promoting Jesus and the 10 Commandments. Tiny christian churches are everywhere and the people are extremely nice and trustworthy. Visiting Montana is like taking a time capsule back to the 1800’s when most of the population of America lived in small towns where most everyone knew everyone and everyones business. Where the worst crimes reported were usually about neighbor kids cutting through somebody’s property or someones’ garden gnome being moved around their property as a prank.

In Montana, you can find unattended trailers full of firewood with a sign that reads “$4/bundle, leave cash in the jar”—and people actually leave cash in the jar! It’s a place where you can ride a bicycle to the store and park it outside unlocked without worry it will get stolen—and it won’t. In short, the crime levels are low, the people are friendly and the mood of the people living there is generally happy. The larger democrat controlled cities like Missoula making a few exceptions.

Take a closer look however and you will see a state in turmoil. A state with growing pains. A state, in a state-of-confusion as an influx of liberal thinking people slowly invade a once, very conservative frontier. The state of Montana has a population that is only 1/6th the population of the city of Los Angeles with a land mass comparable in size to the state of California.

The conflict in Montana can only really be seen during the election cycles so it goes largely unnoticed to the rest of the country. Montana voted for a Republican president while re-electing a Democrat for their governor.  They have mostly republican mayors, city councils and state legislature except in democrat controlled areas like Missoula.

Montana citizens seem okay with repeated mandatory injections of deadly chemicals for healthcare workers,  public school students and even 1-day old infants but also seem scared to death of Cannabis plants, prescription medications and chemtrails. They will put up with random, unauthorized drug testing of new babies without the consent or knowledge of parents while complaining that new regulations on hunting or fishing are cramping their lifestyle. They are largely pro-life and also pro-aborted fetal cell vaccine. They’re against GMO food but for GMO vaccine.

A few years ago, the voters of Montana voted to make medical marijuana legal. The  republican state legislature however didn’t like the new mandate imposed upon them by the People so they voted to restrict medical Cannabis dispensaries to having only 2 patients each, with random searches of authorized medical dispensaries due to the republican lawmakers unfounded fear of a seed-bearing plant created by God. The Montana Republican state legislatures’ goal was obvious—conduct random searches on Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in hopes of finding some violation of their  new draconian marijuana rules to put medical dispensaries out of business and the owners in jail. Imagine Republicans limiting a medical doctors practice to only 2 patients each with random office searches due to fears they might prescribe too many Opiates to their patients. So the clear-thinking voters fought back and made it clear that they don’t want limits on medical marijuana and don’t approve of random searches authorized by their conservative state legislature while stopping short of making Cannabis legal recreationally.

Montana is unique in what was once a frontier state with a mostly republican, gun-loving, god-fearing population, is turning into a liberal vacation land for the hollywood elite and their liberal ideology. It’s a very interesting clash of ideologies and it’s entertaining to watch the quiet war unfold like lava slowly moving down a volcano. The Montana voters are clearly moving in a direction with the rest of the country in legalizing Cannabis while the local judges elected to their offices by those same people, are still known to punish illegal possessors of marijuana to more than 100 years in prison. In fact Montana, still has judges who believe sentencing a human to 500 or more years in jail is somehow a bigger punishment than life without parole.

Will the Republicans realize they have been lied to about the dangers of Cannabis? Will the Democrats realize they live in a wild frontier where hunting and fishing is good for the environment? Will they both wake up to the dangers of vaccinations? Only time will tell.

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