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Social Justice Warrior Blames Racist Toddlers

Liberal WA State Teacher Attempts To Convince Parents Their Toddlers Are Racist & Sexist

Have you ever asked yourself why your baby is so racist and sexist?

If so, you may want to sign up for Kandi Baumans’ upcoming  racist and sexist event, “A is for Anti-Bias,” a workshop to help teach parents how to head off discriminatory, sexist, misogynistic and gender-normative behavior in toddlers before its too late.

The workshop, for parents of children aged 3-6, includes a racist and sexist presentation, handouts, group activities, and homework that will help you cure your toddlers of any attachment they have to a rational, normal thought process. That way, they don’t have to wait until college to find out that their ideas about race and gender are not tolerated. The class is taught by Kandi Bauman who, according to the event page, is “engaged in education initiatives focused on inclusion and equity.” In reality, she is obviously attempting to brain-wash young parents into believing their toddlers are all racists and sexists.

The event itself is sponsored by a liberal, racist hate group called, “Teaching for Change,” which claims they are dedicated to a national conversation about toddler racism, and are working to trick people into believing in “an approach to early childhood education that sets forth values-based principles and methodology in support of respecting and embracing differences and acting against bias and unfairness.”

If you can’t get to Kandi Baumans’ class, Teaching for Change holds workshops across the country for both parents and educators. And there are plenty of racist at-home resources available on their website to help combat baby racism and sexism where it lives.

There is even a set of lesson plans to help you, the parent, teach your child how to build an active resistance to the evil Trump Administration’s agenda of equality for all.

Since the election, hateful liberal student riots across the country against white males and conservatives have been inspiring, the site’s guide to teachers and parents which reads. “Now students need the opportunity to learn the history of people’s movements in order to deepen their protests into organizing that can win real change.”

Much of the Teaching for Change project’s resources are provided by Howard Zinn and his Zinn Education project, well known for providing fake history books beloved by campus social justice warriors, so it’s basically a vicious cycle.

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