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Television Media Refuses To Report Vaccine Truth

Watch any program on television today, especially any television news program and you will see that 80% or more of their paid commercial sponsors are Pharmaceutical companies who sell vaccines loaded with the deadly neurotoxin—Mercury. Is it any wonder why, when scientists break a story about the dangers of mercury in vaccines, the television news media refuse to report it? Can we sue our doctors who refuse to look at over 240 scientific studies linking mercury to Autism?

Just today, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. held a news conference about the dangers of mercury that is still used in over 130 different vaccines and not a single television news channel covered it. It begs the question: Can we sue the television media for deliberately colluding with big pharma in sacrificing our children in exchange for the almighty dollar?

The science is unequivocal. Mercury is one of the most poisonous substances on Earth and is bioaccumulating. It is a serious health hazard. Mercury exposure can cause acute and chronic intoxication at low levels of exposure and adverse effects during any period of development. Mercury is neuro-, nephro-, and immunotoxic and is linked to many difference diseases and conditions. (AutismADHDAlzheimer’sAcrodynia)

There is no known safe level of exposure for mercury. It is particularly poisonous to children because of its adverse effects on the neurological system. The development of the child in utero and early in life is at particular risk.

Mercury and other dangerous toxins are still being injected into pregnant women, infants and children. As the science proves there is no safe level for mercury in any form, allowing it in “trace amounts” in vaccines and up to 25 mcg. in flu vaccines is a draconian policy that should stop immediately.

Big Pharma spends billions of dollars every year for advertising to shut-up the television news media. Pharmaceutical companies donate billions of dollars each year to medical schools, buying their silence.

If you would like to anonymously fight Big Pharma and help us spread the TRUTH about mercury poisoning of our children, please help us by donating any amount of money you can afford to our cause.  Simply click the Donate on the upper right side of any page and help us stop the destruction of our children.

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