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New ‘Liquid Armor’ Gives Soldiers Superhuman Strength And Bulletproof Protection

The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) will make it’s wearer bulletproof as well as inhumanly strong. Additionally soldiers decked out in the space-age armor will have night vision and “enhanced mobility”.

US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) are working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and others to develop the state of the art suit.

The TALOS armor is scheduled to be given out to members of the Navy SEALs and Special Forces and is set to begin live testing on battlefields in 2018.

This sci-fi like development comes just days after it was revealed US Army combat vehicles could be equipped with LASERS to blast enemy drones and missiles from the sky from as early as the summer.

SOCOM spokesman Lt Commander Matt Allen told Scout Warrior: “The ultimate purpose of the TALOS project is to produce a prototype in 2018. “That prototype will then be evaluated for operational impact.”

Admiral William McCraven, a former head of SOCOM said in 2013 that the aim of the suit was to protect his men and give the superhuman capabilities. He said: “I’m very committed to this because I would like that last operator we lost to be the last operator we ever lose.”

MIT scientists are also working on a special form of liquid body armor to help protect the boys in battle. The US Army website describes the armor as transforming “from a liquid to a solid in milliseconds when a magnetic field or electric current is applied.”

The suit will also have “nerves” to monitor core body temperature, skin temperature, heart rate, hydration levels and body position.

Professor Gareth McKinley has been trying to perfect this liquid armour technology for over a decade. He said the suit sounded like the one used by Tony Stark in the Iron Man films.

McKinley said: “The other kind of things that you see in the movies I think that would be more realistic at the moment would be the kind of external suit that Sigourney Weaver wears in Alien, where it’s a large robot that amplifies the motions and lifting capability of a human.”

The request for super body armour for troops was announced following the death of a SEAL in Afghanistan.

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