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Open Letter To ANTIFA

I have to get this out: I’m sitting here, with nothing else to do but think, I’m thinking about the past 8 yrs. How within the past 8 yrs, our nation has taken a dive for the worst. There is an old saying that “Shit rolls down hill, and it only goes faster.” In today’s world this couldn’t be more true.

As a father to several young children, I’m embarrassed that they have to grow up in this world.

As an American Citizen I’m worried that I may have to lay my life on the line to protect my family.

As a U.S. ARMED FORCES Veteran, I’m furious that the freedoms that myself and my fellow veterans held so dear to our hearts are being used in ways they were never intended, and being infringed upon, not just by our government officials but our fellow citizens as well.

As a Patriot, I am the pure definitions of offended, but not nut job, left wing extremist, liberal offended, my offense is justified and furious at the direction we’re going (down hill)

My family has a history serving this country, and defending our constitution. I was raised patriotic, and proudly republican. My dad works in a factory as a blue collar worker and my mom is a teacher (5th grade to be exact).

I have never experienced this “white privilege” I keep hearing about. I’ve been homeless and had to dumpster dive just to eat, and even that wasn’t a gaurantee. I had to sleep in homeless shelters, and abandoned buildings just to keep warm during the winter. (Many people that know me, are just finding that out) I had to physically fight for my life and my wellbeing. I’ve suffered drug and alcohol addiction, and attempted suicide multiple times. I’ve spent the past 12 yrs of my life working my ass off to never be in those situations again.

Granted, many of the situations I found myself in were done to myself, and I only have myself to blame. But they all taught me, humility and humbleness. They taught me that I’m no better than anyone else.

As I sit here and reflect on the past 8 yrs, I realize that mass shootings, and stabbings are at a historically all time high in our country. With the rise of violent “Protest” organizations rioting, looting, committing felony assaults, and (I’m laughing as I type this one) name calling,

Something needs to be done. This country is headed in a direction that scares the shit out of me. Not because I fear for my life, (Let me make it clear now, I DON’T), but I fear for my wife and children’s safety and what I know I am capable of and willing to do to protect them. The last thing I want is for people to get hurt, by my hand or anyone else’s for that matter.

The more our city, state, and federal government sit back and do nothing as Antifa raises hell on earth, and attacks men, women, and children. The more damage they cause by doing nothing. Law enforcement in multiple cities have been given stand down orders and told not get involved when Antifa get’s violent, which then begs the question,

Why are they here if you won’t allow them to do their job?

I sit back, and I watch what’s going on, and I observe. Then the reality hits me, The second civil war has already started. It just hasn’t become what it can, and at this rate, just possibly may become.

We are headed down a very dark, and dangerous road America. One that none of us should be proud of. It has already gotten out of hand, and is at a boiling point. At this point, anything can set this ticking time bomb off. When that happens, and I say “When” because it’s looking inevitable, Antifa (and who ever is standing with them on the battlefield) won’t just be dealing with pissed off patriots and civilians with sticks, and bats. But they will be facing off with VETERANS, armed men and women who vowed an oath, to protect not only the Constitution of the Untied States of America from enemies both foreign and domestic, but the United States of America as well.

All of us believe our oath never dies, and never expires. I’m watching a bloodbath unravel before my eyes and this is MY WARNING to Antifa and anyone else that believes violence is the answer.

You’re barking up the wrong tree, soon you will force hands mightier than you know, We were chosen by God himself to defend our nation, and we are willing to meet him face to face to protect what’s ours. You are not only attacking our country, but our families as well. This will not stand for long, I am urging you to backdown, and let it be.

Do not ask for rain, you will get a flood.

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