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Ok I had to make a post about the band Transparent.

They just released this video and I’m sharing it. Love it guys! Keep it up! This has got to be the hottest new band I have heard lately—Such a relief to hear a great new band for once!

Transparent is definitely a hard hitting rock band. They are from upstate New York and just recently formed the band in late 2010. Their powerful line up currently includes Matthew Sassano (singer, songwriter), Bradley Meise (guitar), Quintin Olix (guitar), Robert Cox (bass), Jesse Sprinkle (drums) and Ben Taft (screams)—I never new “screams” was a position in band, so I might just have some talent in that area. :)

Transparent’s has already signed a contract with Eutechnyx  gaming company and their single, “Bridges” is going to be featured on  NASCAR—The Game: Inside Line.

I was listening to their song “Bridges” this morning and my 15 year-old daughter walked by my office and stopped and asked who was playing. I said “Transparent” and she said: “They are really good I like that song, can I get it?” Enough said.

Be sure to “like” Transparent on their official facebook page www.facebook.com/transparentband

Matthew Sassano, lead singer of the band Transparent and his girlfriend Katie.

Click Here to check out their web site!




Click here to listen to and even purchase any of their songs!






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