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Fake News Outlets Claim FBI Raided CDC In Atlanta

Thanks to, the fake news that the FBI has raided the CDC over vaccine evidence has swept Facebook and Twitter. Gullible readers desperate for it to be true, continued to post and repost the fake story late into this evening despite glaring and obvious inconsistencies that even a 6th grader would be skeptical of.

Right off the bat, “doctor” William Mounts’ headline reads: “FBI RAID ON CDC HQ ATLANTA – CONFIRMED” and then just 3 lines later is this: “Although Unconfirmed . . .” and yet people are proclaiming this story has been confirmed just due to the fake headline.

In a world of change where people are desperate to share a “HOT” story first, it seems nobody fact checks obviously outrageous news or even READS the story first before spreading and reposting and sharing and retweeting fake news. This is why it’s so difficult to be an honest purveyor of news on the internet—we have idiots like William Mount creating fake news in exchange for a few pennies for every “click” on his fake news web site and every view of his fake YouTube videos.

Questionable websites like jump on any bandwagon that will bring “clicks” to their “click bait” website. True or False, it matters not. In this world of earning 1/2 a penny for every click, the race for clicks is a real one.

William Mount, continues his story by stating “I also had 36 Posts on my video 10 minutes before it was posted…”  Explain to me how you can get a post on a YouTube video 10 minutes BEFORE it’s even posted? While this post is about vaccine damaged humans, the humans reading this crap and blindly believing such obvious falsehoods might just be brain damaged themselves. Some of these people defend their unconfirmed fake news posts in long and rambling rants. Some even claiming to know “friends” who can confirm it.

William Mount also falsely claims that Dr William Thompson was accompanying these FBI Agents on this supposed early morning raid. Never mind that it is completely against FBI policy to have civilians accompany them on armed raids in the middle of the night.

In fact, anyone who has done any investigation at all, like we have, would see that absolutely nothing in this fake news report is true—from the causes of Autism to the cures this quack “doctor” suggests.

The brain damage from the vaccine injuries is caused by mercury toxicity. Look up mercury poisoning and then look up Autism. The signs and symptoms are virtually identical, line by line. (Source: World Mercury Project)

The cure, is to chelate the mercury from the brain using at least 600mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid every day—Not by removing sugar, bread, vegetable oil and GMO foods from your diet like William Mount proclaims.

There bottom line here, is that anyone who spreads this quack doctors bullshit should be ridiculed themselves, unfollowed and mocked for being so gullible and just making the problem of fake news even worse than it is.

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The fake news that started the rumors:


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