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Nobody Wants Colin Kaepernick, Quarterback’s Future in Doubt

Colin Kapernick is having a tough time finding a new home according to pro football talk at NBC.  While other players have been signing contracts at a record pace, nothing but silence has surrounded Colin Kaepernick.  All of the top players available signed contacts within 72 hours, Kaepernick hasn’t even heard his phone ring.  The speculation is that no teams in the NFL are interested in him, and if any team has reached out to Kaepernick, it was done so secretly that nobody in the media found out.

Kaepernick led his 49’ers to the Superbowl against the Ravens just a few years ago.   Many thought Kaepernick was a future hall of fame quarterback at this time.  He showed a lot of promise, he threw the ball very accurately and could scramble to avoid pressure.  He also appeared durable and was not injury prone.  It’s been nothing but downhill since then.   The following year the 49’ers were eliminated out of the playoffs by the Seahawks.  This would be the closest they would get to returning to the Superbowl in the Kaepernick era.  As every year progressed Kaepernick’s play regressed.   In 2016 their record was 2 – 14.

Is his play exclusively the reason that no teams are interested in him?   It’s quite possible, but it is just as possible that several owners won’t sign Kaepernick due to his Anthem protest issue.   Some owners find it flat our disrespectful and do not want that on the team, while other owners are afraid of how the fans will react if they were to sign such a player.   Is it really worth it for someone who’s going to warm the bench the entire season as a backup?   The answer so far has been a resounding no.

It’s likely that eventually someone like the Jets or the Browns may offer him a spot on the practice squad if no other team comes forward.   It’s possible the Broncos may make him an offer, they did show interest in him in the 2015 season.  If that doesn’t work out, perhaps Kaepernick is headed to the CFL.  In the end Kaepernicks career came crashing down faster than he could kneel for the anthem.  He went from being a Superbowl quarterback 5 years ago, to a competitor for the practice squad on a basement dweller NFL team in the present, maybe that will teach him to stand for the Anthem!

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