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BUSTED: CNN’s Jake Tapper Dated Monica Lewinsky — Wrote Sexist Article On Her

(GotNews) CNN host Jake Tapper dated Monica Lewinsky in 1997 and wrote a revealing Washington City Paper piece in 1998 describing their intimate interactions, according to a GotNews review of Tapper’s old writings.

Lewinsky was just a young private citizen before her sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton left her at the center of an international political firestorm. On March 3rd, 1999 she told Barbara Walters on ABC’s 20/20 that the media’s incessant focus on her was so bad that she had resorted to knitting to keep her mind at ease.

Regrettably, Tapper contributed to the intense media scrutiny of Lewinsky. In his January 30th, 1998 piece titled “I Dated Monica Lewinsky,” Tapper seemed to have some reservations about picking apart the White House intern’s personal life, writing “I feel bad for poor Monica and feel unclean adding my feeble barnacle to her ship of fame.”

She may be guilty of poor judgment, but she never asked for this,” Tapper continued. “That said, let the whoring begin,” he wrote, before giving his readers a first-person account of his intimate relationship with her.

Tapper objectified Lewinsky in his piece, writing “Physically, she was pleasant without being overwhelming. She’s a little chubby, but she’s leaps and bounds prettier than that vacuous mug shot beamed all over the world.” Tapper described Lewinsky as “a woman I wouldn’t mind bringing home to mom.”

“She was cute, if a little zaftig. And friendly. And nice,” Tapper wrote.

“I know it will be years before anybody can have a conversation with her without imagining her on her knees in the Oval Office,” Tapper declared. “If ever. She will live her life within the borders of a tabloid cover.”

Yesterday, Lewinsky participated in a social media campaign inspired by the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal, tweeting “#MeToo,” indicating she considers herself a victim of sexual abuse or harassment:

Moreover, yesterday Tapper promoted a thread highlighting the parallels between Weinstein and Clinton:

Journalist and conservative activist Jack Posobiec helped dig up and shine light on these old writings, and contends they reveal Tapper’s hypocrisy. “Jake Tapper loves to praise himself as if he’s the last true journalist standing in America, when that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Posobiec told GotNews.

Moreover, Posobiec suggested Tapper perpetuated Lewinsky’s abuse to advance his own career. “His exploitation of Monica Lewinsky, a victim of abuse, only served to further his own career and was not in any way newsworthy,” Posobiec explained.

Posobiec claimed that Tapper’s other writings for the Washington City Paper were equally controversial. “When you compare this tabloid trash with his other writings attacking police officers and supporting child pornographers, it really makes you wonder why CNN hired him in the first place,” Posobiec said.

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